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Steven Wolkoff graduated from Dartmouth College with an honors English major. He has worked as a College Counselor/SAT tutor for over twenty years, teaching classes and providing private instruction for students from across the globe. Steven has tutored hundreds of students, many of whom have gained admission to their top choice colleges, including every Ivy League school, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and USC. His students have won QuestBridge scholarships, the Gates Millennium Scholarship, and the Cornell Presidential Research Scholarship. He has also written curriculum material for several national test prep companies, and was previously an interviewer for Dartmouth admissions. Steven currently lives in Los Angeles. In addition to tutoring, he works as an artist - he has shown in galleries and museums around the world.

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I help students with most college counseling elements, including:

College Admissions Essays - I help students choose topics to write about, and develop their stories into strong admissions essays.

College Research - including finding schools that are good fits, developing an appropriate list of reach, target, and safety schools, choosing potential majors, etc.


Extracurricular Activity Planning - I help students strengthen their activity list by finding extracurricular experiences they will enjoy that will also look good to college admissions officers. I also help students write and edit their activity lists when it comes time to fill out their applications.


College Interview Prep - I help students prepare for admissions and alumni interviews.

College Application Editing - I edit applications for students who need help. (I don't fill out or submit the applications myself.)

Portfolio Editing - I help students prepare art and music portfolios.

End of 8th Grade College Counseling - Many families would benefit from meeting with a college counselor at the end of 8th grade to assess where their student is and make a plan for the next four years.

Test Prep - SAT and ACT

Athletic Recruiting - I have helped student athletes navigate the recruiting process. 

Grad School Application Essays - I also offer assistance with grad school application essays.

If there is something you are looking for that I'm not able to help with, let me know and I'll try to refer you to someone who can help.

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International Students

I have extensive experience working with international students, and understand the specific challenges that international applicants face.

I have tutored students from Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, and Mexico.

Additionally, I have traveled to Hong Kong, Beijing, Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki to tutor individual students and teach test prep and college counseling classes, and I have taught international students at summer camps at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Yale, Tufts, and Stanford.

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Thank you so much. My GPA wasn't particularly outstanding and my SAT score was certainly lower than an average [school] students' score. However, I loved all my Common app essays and supplementary essays. I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to work with you who encouraged me to write my own essays with my own words.

J.Y. student - admitted early into top 20 college

Book Recommendations

Here is a list of books I regularly use and recommend. Please consider purchasing any books you need through your local independent bookstore. Your local library might also have all of these book. However, if you want to purchase through Amazon, I've provided links. (I might get a small commission from Amazon if you make purchases through these links.)

College Counseling
Test Prep
Grad School Test Prep
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